President Trump shares VFAF Endorsement on TRUTH Social.

In a momentous gesture, President Trump recently acknowledged the endorsement of Veterans for America First/Veterans for Trump, signifying a significant milestone for the organization. President Trump shared VFAF Endorsement on his social media platform. The recognition from the former president serves as a powerful testament to the impact and importance of their endorsement. This blog post delves into the significance of the endorsement, provides details about Veterans for America First, and offers ways to stay connected and engaged with the organization.

Highlighting the Endorsement:

President Trump’s recognition of the Veterans for America First/Veterans for Trump endorsement resonates deeply with the organization and its members. The attached screenshot, shared on his social media, solidifies the significance of their endorsement in the political landscape. It is a testament to the organization’s dedication to advancing the America First platform and their commitment to supporting candidates who champion its principles.

Exploring Veterans for America First:

Veterans for America First is a volunteer-led grassroots organization driven by individuals dedicated to securing the future of America through active engagement in the political system. Their primary objective is to champion issues affecting the hero community, including employment, healthcare, and housing, while advocating for policy changes that enhance support for military, veteran, and first responder families.

The organization recognizes the sacrifices made by those who have served and protected our nation, and is committed to providing them with the support and resources necessary for their well-being. By prioritizing these crucial issues, Veterans for America First aims to build a stronger and more resilient America, firmly rooted in the values of service, honor, and integrity.

Staying Connected:

To gain more in-depth knowledge about Veterans for America First, interested individuals can visit the official National VFAF website at The website offers a wealth of information, including updates, news articles, and other relevant resources that shed light on the organization’s initiatives. Additionally, connecting with Veterans for America First on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook provides real-time insights into their activities, events, and campaigns.

For media inquiries, Angie Wong, the National Media Representative of VFAF, is readily available for commentary and can be contacted at [email protected]. Admiral Charles Kubic, the National Spokesman, can also be scheduled for interviews through Angie Wong.

The organization’s Chief Political Advisor, Stan Fitzgerald, can be reached at [email protected], while the Founder, Josh Macias, can be contacted at [email protected]. For any direct inquiries or immediate assistance, Stan Fitzgerald can be reached at 770-707-6291.


The fact that President Trump shared VFAF endorsement and acknowledged Veterans for America First/Veterans for Trump holds great significance, underscoring the organization’s unwavering dedication to the America First platform. It serves as a powerful testament to their commitment and values.

By championing issues that matter most to the hero community and mobilizing voters to support candidates who prioritize job creation, border security, and the protection of American workers, Veterans for America First is actively shaping a stronger and more prosperous America. To stay connected with the organization and learn more about their initiatives, visit and engage with their social media platform.

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