Tom Slocum appointed VFAF Texas State chapter operations director.


VFAF is rapidly expanding their national footprint with organizing boots on the ground through launching state chapters and/or appointing state operations directors.

VFAF national operations director Chad Caton has named Tom Slocum the Texas state operations director for the Veterans organization.

Slocum hit the ground running securing a Texas Back the Blue organizational endorsement for Donald Trump that consists of over 200K members.

Tom Slocum is a proud Texan, an extremely active Houstonian, and a firebrand amongst his fellow Republicans, – but most importantly he is a fellow American that cares deeply about our most honored Americans, our veterans.  Tom believes the future of our country is only possible because of the sacrifices veterans have made and is thankful for the opportunity to build the winning coalition needed to deliver victory in 2024 for President Donald J. Trump.  Slocum’s family came to Texas in 1880 from the Old World through the historic town of Indianola on Matagorda Bay, before settling in the City of Houston.  Both of Tom’s grandfathers served our country with pride –  John Nelms served on the U.S.S. Yorktown in World War II and Blake Slocum served in Vietnam as a Merchant Marine.  Tom Slocum is a member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2005, is a former Republican candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner, and operates a boutique oil & gas consulting firm in Houston is his free time when he isn’t working hard to Make America Great Again!


Texas Veterans for America First